"National" Teams


Are you REALLY getting your moneys worth or just being mis-lead?

"How DID your "National Team" do last season by the way?"

FACT per the LS Region: You are NOT obligated to stay with a team, even after you sign
with them. ONLY once you have stepped foot on the court and have played
even 1 rotation will you then be FULLY committed. You may lose any monies paid
and may have contractual issues (which the Region has nothing to do with and
will not address), but you CAN switch clubs and teams even after
signing with them. So long as you have NOT played with them in a
sanctioned tournament. So if you do not like what is going on, DO NOT
go to or play in that first scheduled tournament, if you do, the only
thing that you can do is quit but you are done for the entire season.

NATIONAL teamstoo many clubs are forming "National" teams these days and it is getting a bit out of hand and very un-ethical. A fancy name: 161 National Elite, 162 "National", 16 Elite Molten, 16 National, 16 Mizuno/Nfinity/Kaepa/Asics/Spalding/Molten, etc. doesn't make it a "National" team either, it is just a name attached to make you believe that you are at that level so that being on that team warrants a much higher price, 98% of these teams are not at that level. "But we were told that we get sponsorship from these Nationally known brands?" Are you, if you are, then why are you paying so much? Ask to get it in writing or simply call these companies and ask to speak to the local representative and ask for yourself.
A"National" team is a team that should be traveling out of state and able to compete at that level.  Most "National" teams are NOTHING MORE than ridiculously expensive Local or Regional type of teams "at best" and barely able to compete locally, which is very mis-leading. Unfortunately many of you have already experienced this as we receive email after email, call after call about your experience with other clubs and their "tactics."
It is all about the money folks, they will tell you what you want to hear in order to get you to commit and sign on the dotted line, after which ALL bets are off as their promises about the following will go out the window once you sign, start paying , then start playing, and you have heard them all: "experienced Head coaches," "playing time," "number of players on a team," "number of tournaments offered (then changed later)," the"INITIAL costs involved, (with more costs added later)," the "type of tournaments the team will participate in, (then changed later because "it was full" or "they never received our payment for some reason").
Some events will be cancelled due to lack of teams signing up but MOST will make and ALL are open to register for IF your club director sends in the payment early enough, but manty wait till its' too late and claim that "the tournament was full," at this point they should definately get your team in another event to make up. Make sure how many tournaments are "GUARANTEED" as that should be a set number and worth the money you are paying, not "supposed" cancellation after cancellation with "no other options to put the team in." Get YOUR schedule in writing or what they are offering for the season.
They should also tell you upfront about "mandatory" lessons that you must attend..... BUT, if you are paying for regualr practices, why are you having to pay for these "mandatory" lessons ? Most clubs offer lessons, but they are "optional" and not "mandatory."

SA HORNET offers a set number of tournamemts per team, we offer FREE lessons as well as "optional" paid lessons to attend, but NEVER mandatory.

The cllub directors demeanor, tone and attitude will change towards you after you sign, start paying, then start playing and ask questions about all of this-guaranteed. IF you donot get it in writing folks you are setting yourself up for this type of first experience and many, many of you have already experienced this and made that mistake.
There IS a reason why there are 12-13 girls on a team and why you were NOT told of this in the beginning: MONEY. and some girls playing for free. YOU are potentially paying for those extra girls to be on that team and why your daughter is now taking a back seat to one of these "scholarshipped" players, and although many clubs will never admit it, IT DOES go on.
You need to clarify whether your "National" team is in fact traveling out of state (as most are not) and get it in writing, but more importantly use your judgement and know IF your team is at that level so you do not "waste your time or your money," as most are just that. For example: Having 2 or 3 16s "National" teams should be a very clear indication that the 2nd and 3rd "National" team players did not qualify skill-wise to be on the 1st "National" team and thus no reason what so ever to have a 2nd and 3rd team and call it "National", its just winds up being a very disappointing season and a complete waste of your money and expectations.
Going to the Lone Star Classic in Dallas or Lone Star Regionals at the end of the season (which you should be), doesn't mean that you should be having to pay a "National" team price either. Those are Regional events within our state but are National qualifiers for JO's, and most teams will not qualify for Nationals at either. Also be sure that your team is also being placed in the "BID" division and not the "NON-BID" division at these 2 events, IF not, then your team isn't a "National" team.

Our National teams, WILL travel out of state for 1 tournament, but we will NOT form ANY "National" teams for the sake of trying to make a "National" team and giving it a "National" team title and charging a "National" team price knowing they can not compete at that level.....
It's just NOT ETHICAL.

"If you would like a fair and "honest" assessment on whether your team should be a "National" team, please email us. There are a few that qualify skill-wise and we will be happy to give you the very short list."

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