SPIKER Program

Spiker Teams - Spiker teams are designed for those families that are not able to commit to a regular club team, have limited to no volleyball skills, do not wish to travel much, have a small group that wishes to stay and play together (school, church league, etc.) or are just trying to get introduced into the world of club volleyball.  These teams are primarily chosen on a first come first served basis in ages 8-14 (or 4th  – 8th grades), or offered to players that were not offered positions on one of our other teams. These teams offer limited practices and limited tournaments.

Practices are 1 time per week, unless gym space is available where we can offer 2, but your monthly schedule will detail the practice times per week (with the exception of holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break or any other Holidays in any calendar year that the club see fit to not schedule practices). They will start there season with practices in December and start tournament play in January. Tournaments are offered generally 2 per month starting in January, 2 in February and ending with 2 in March. They will compete in local tournaments on a Saturday or Sunday, with tournaments being limited in San Antonio or surrounding area.

These teams are assembled with one focus in mind and that is to teach the basics and fundamentals of the sport of volleyball while giving them the opportunity to compete at a higher level and without any pressures of winning. 7th and 8th grade teams will be pushed a little harder as we will try to help get them ready for their 8th grade and freshmen high school teams. We do not offer Spiker Teams for High-School aged players. 6 tournaments per season are offered for Spiker Teams and their season runs from December - March.

Email us at sahornet@gmail.com for more info on this program or for a try-out.