18s College SHOWCASE Program

OUR COLLEGE SHOWCASE program is 1 of a kind in that the emphasis is on YOU, and YOUR college career, NOT the win or winning.

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IF you are in or going into your Junior or Senior year of High School and have plans or would like to play in college, NOONE in San antonio offers more value than SA HORNET.

Several local clubs are now calling their teams "SHOWCASE" for those other clubs it is JUST a name, at SA HORNET , it is NOT just a name, it IS WHAT WE DO !!!
WE actually SHOWCASE your athlete while these other clubs offer no such service, just ask them what they offer or what you get for their so-called SHOWCASE teams? WE started this program 4 years ago and have
had tremendous success, and we will also be offering this service for Varsity level
9th and 10th graders next year. So if you want to see what a "SHOWCASE"
program is supposed to be and what it should offer, give us a call.

We accomplish this with extensive promoting and marketing of the team and each player at every exposure tournament. OUR focus is on each players success and getting in to college with some kind of athletic scholarship offer in hand. Although we cannot guarantee that every player will receive an athletic scholarship, we can guarantee that NOONE will work harder for you and your daughter to try and accomplish that goal than SA HORNET.

What we offer:

  • CUSTOM video filming and editing. NO need to mail out videos anymore that will just sit in a stack of 100's. AND No need to do any filming. WE will film from some of your high-school games and club tournament games that will be set up on our website and team page, which will be a 1 stop shop for ALL college coaches. (custom filming can cost up to $2000 and YOU have to provide THEM with the video.....)
  • PERSONALIZED BIO page with YOUR video, YOUR pictures, YOUR stats, YOUR academic and athletic accomplishments.
  • CUSTOM colored TEAM brochures that we will hand out to just about every college coach we can find while competing.
  • Personal Playing Time, if a college coach wants to see YOU in a particular game, a particular time or position, we WILL accomodate !!! We will arrange the line-up so that you are given that opportunity.