About Our Club


"PLAY like you're in 1st.... PRACTICE like you're in 2nd"


This has been our motto since day 1, 11 years ago and we have never looked back.
Many clubs have come and gone, and many more
will eventually do the same as they have a different focus, agenda and personal interest or
are simply mis-managed.
But SA HORNET will still focus on the volleyball athlete and do it ethically, with care and a
genuine passion for the sport. There is a reason why we have been around for now this our 12th year.
Our coaches and staff work hard to develop your young athlete's skills and desire for the game teaching them hard work, committment, to have a high self esteem, and a passion that will carry with them long after the game is over.
We look forward to having a great and fun 12th season, but if we do not see you this season, we will be around next season.
So "Thank You," in advance, to all of our parents and players for their support and time.